We provide design and analysis services to our customers in Defense & Aerospace industry according to their specifications and standards (MIL-810G, VDI2230 etc.)

Design (2D & 3D) and analysis services in system and sub-system level

Test and Measurement (strain, acceleration, displacement etc.)

We provide engineering services with our qualified team to manufacturers and suppliers in vehicle component design&analysis and vehicle dynamics subjects.

  • Sheet metal forming analysis
  • Vehicle dynamics analysis (MBD)
  • Vibration analysis
  • PSD based fatigue analysis
  • Chassis and components strength analysis
  • Seat crash and seat belt analysis
  • Vehicle crash and roll-over analysis

We provide design, analysis, and test & measurement services with our qualified team to railway vehicle system manufacturers. Our expertise area in this field is the strength analyses of bogie and car body according to VDV 152, EN 12663 standards, welding calculations according to DVS1612, vehicle and buffer crash analysis.

  • Rail-Wheel interaction
  • Comfort analysis
  • Loading gauge calculations
  • Strength analysis of bogie and car body according to VDV 152, EN 12663
  • Welding calculations according to DVS 1612
  • Vehicle and buffer crash analysis

We provide engineering services in design and analysis of special use machines or manufacturing machines. Furthermore, we find verification & optimisation solutions to manufacturing processes of customers in their design stage such as metal/plastic forming, bending, extrusion in their design stage

Common design challenges in Piping & Pipeline systems according to different loading scenarios and geometries can be solved effectively and fast by using Finite Element Method (FEM). We are providing wide range of FEM simulations with our expert team.

Standards used :

ASME B31.1, B31.3, BS7910, DNV-OS-F101, DNV-OS-F111, DNV-RP-F110, DNV-RP-F105, DNV-RP-F109, DNV-RP-F108, R6

Analysis Types :

  • Piping System Static & Dynamic Analysis
  • Piping System Earthquake Analysis
  • Pump & Compressor Foundation Design
  • Pipeline Global (Lateral & Upheaval Buckling)
  • Marine
  • Engineering Critical Assessment (ECA) for Pipelines

Recently, there has been a substantial increase towards using design by analysis (DBA) approach for pressure vessel design, because of the ability to consider higher allowable stresses and to obtain more reliable and economic results. The recent development in computer technology has further allowed engineers to develop cost-effective pressure vessels using the design by analysis (DBA) approach. Finite Element Method (FEM) enables engineers to study stresses and strains over the entire geometry and optimize material usage if possible. Our experienced engineering team is ready to help your design problems on Pressure Vessels & Storage Tanks.

Standards used :

ASME Section VII,PD5500, EN13445,API 579-1/ASME FFS-1, AD Merkblatt 2000, ASME Section X, BS4994 ,BS EN 13923, API 650, API 620

Analysis Types :

  • Pressure Vessel Design by Analysis (DBA)
  • Above Ground Storage Tank Analysis
  • Pressure Vessel Lifting &Transportation Simulation
  • Fitness for Service (FFS) for Pressure Vessels & Storage Tanks

Finite element method (FEM) has become an increasingly important tool for assessing the structural integrity of offshore structures. This includes using FEM to perform structural strength and stability checks and optimization of design when subjected to design loads such as gravity, wind and waves, and also to perform failure investigation when subjected to extreme loading conditions such as hurricanes, earthquakes and ship impacts. Our talented engineer team, has long experience on international projects is ready to help you for offshore structures design.

Standards used :

API RP 2A, API RP 2 FB, ISO 19902, NORSOK N-003, NORSOK N-001, NORSOK N-006, IEC 61400-3, DNVGL-ST-0126, DNVGL-RP-0419, DNVGL-RP-C203, DNVGL-ST-0262, DNVGL-ST-0145, DNVGL-ST-0126, DNVGL-ST-0054

Analysis Types :

  • Oil Platform In-Service and Pre-Service Analysis
  • Fatigue Life Extension of Offshore Structures
  • Stress Concentration Factor (SCF) Calculations for Offshore Structures
  • Cargo Barge Global and Local FEA
  • Global &Fatigue Analysis of Wind Turbine
  • Wind Turbine Foundation Design Calculation